A filmmaker's journey - tell your story

Join us for our FREE webinar, recorded at the legendary Pinewood Studios with the team from Hot Aches, adventure shooting specialists. Discover the secrets of getting fantastic shots while hanging from a rope (literally) and learn how to not only film, but tell a story.

LIVE webinar

Wednesday 18th February 2015
2.00pm (GMT) 3.00pm (CEP)

Don’t just film, tell a story

“A filmmaker’s journey - tell your story” lifts the lid on “Redemption”, an adventure film following one of the world's best trad climbers James Pearson, produced by Paul Diffley of Hot Aches. Watch the video.

Hosted by renowned Producer and Filmmaker Den Lennie

This free webinar is a great opportunity to learn more about the art of filmmaking:

  • Telling and capturing the emotions of your story
  • Developing an idea through storyboards
  • Capturing the shots that will set your film apart from the rest
  • The importance of continuity - and how this is achieved
  • The significance of post-production
  • Hints and tips: secrets of filming on a rock face

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